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What to Do If Your Tooth is Partially Knocked Out of Place

March 11, 2020

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Concerned man hands over mouth should see Fayetteville emergency dentistWhile a loose tooth may have been exciting when you were younger and waiting for your permanent teeth to come in, it’s not such a happy occasion as an adult. Your secondary teeth should always stay firmly in place, so it can be quite alarming if one becomes loose or partially dislodged. Even though it’s still somewhat in place, this dental emergency needs to be treated as soon as possible. Your Fayetteville emergency dentist explains what you need to do next to save your smile!

Can A Dislodged Tooth be Saved?

In most cases, a partially knocked-out permanent tooth can be reattached. However, chances of a successful procedure diminish rapidly after an hour, so it’s imperative to act quickly and correctly. Call your “dentist near me” as soon as you can to make an emergency appointment. They will also be able to give you first aid suggestions over the phone and guidance for your specific situation.

What to Do if Your Tooth Becomes Loose

If you play a contact sport, it’s essential that you always wear your sports guard to keep your teeth safe and in place. However, not all dental emergencies can be avoided. If your tooth is partially knocked out of place, you should call your dentist and listen to their instructions. They may advise you to gently attempt to push the tooth back in place, or they may urge you to avoid touching it at all depending on how damaged it is. In most cases, they will suggest stopping any bleeding with a piece of clean gauze.

To ease any discomfort, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever like Ibuprofen as directed. Avoid taking Aspirin, as it can make bleeding worse. Alternatively, hold an ice pack or cold compress to the outside of your mouth for ten minutes at a time to ease the swelling.

How Your Dentist Treats an Extruded Tooth

At your emergency appointment, your dentist will determine if the tooth is still connected to the nerves and blood vessels. If these important parts are damaged, a root canal may be needed to prevent the tooth from becoming discolored or seriously infected. Once the area has been cleaned, the tooth will be put back in place and held there with a splint so it can heal correctly.

Although a partially dislodged permanent tooth is an alarming situation, it can still be saved if you act quickly and correctly. Keeping these tips in mind may one day help you protect your healthy, intact smile!

About the Author

Whether you’re looking to touch up your smile or get your oral health back on track, our talented staff at Lyndon Family Dental in Fayetteville, NY has the experience and technology you need. Dr. Marley Rinoldo is dedicated to helping her patients achieve the happy, healthy smiles they deserve, which is why she offers a variety of services to help her patients overcome any dental health issues they may be facing. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to contact her and make an appointment via her website or (315) 449-0711.  

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